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Scissortail Savories and Sweets is taking a break until further notice. You may contact owner Karen Jane DeWitt at 512-571-3507 for questions or concerns. Thank you!

March Pie: Juicy Blackberry with a Grapefruit Twist

It’s a good thing 2013 is not a leap year because I don’t think I could have waited one more day to make this Year of the Pie announcement!

March pie is my take on a classic. It’s blackberry pie with a funky hint of grapefruit!

Both grapefruit and blackberries are so sweet and plentiful right now that I just had to take advantage of the season.

It’s typical for blackberry pie to have a little pop of lemon to really get those lips smacking, so I thought, ‘why not grapefruit?’ I tried it and the results were wonderful! The grapefruit adds the same citrus kick but with a sweet and subtle depth that only a ruby red can provide.

Then add a crispy, buttery crust and…. forget about it!

Have this juicy blackberry beauty delivered directly to your door by e-mailing me at info@ScissortailSavoriesAndSweets.com or calling 512-571-3507.

Full-size pie: $25 each

Mini pies: $33 per dozen

***Don’t forget! Easter is on March 31st this year!***

Chocolate Cream Pie Wins!

Photo by Michael Yew

Pie lovers, you sure know how to party!

My sincerest thanks to all who came to the Pie Sampling and Preview Party last Sunday at the Hideout Coffee Shop and Theatre. With the help of a small army of fellow pie fanatics, I gave out nearly four hundred pie samples to a huge crowd of enthusiastic partygoers. Additionally, two lucky winners received a free pie and a Merlot Skin Care gift basket!

To supplement the feedback I typically receive (i.e. moans of ecstasy, eyes rolling into the backs of heads, involuntary expletives), I asked you all to vote on your favorite pie flavor. The votes have been tallied and the results are in! And what better way to show the data than in a nifty pie chart?

So there you have it! Chocolate Cream Pie wins by a landslide. It’s long been a customer favorite, and this Sunday’s party was no exception. Look for more mini pies at The Hideout Coffee Shop and Theatre, going on sale this March.

~ Karen Jane


To have a handmade pie delivered right to your door, contact Scissortail at

info@scissortailsavoriesandsweets.com or 512-571-3507.


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Pie Sampling and Preview Party at Hideout Coffee House and Theatre


Scissortail Savories and Sweets is proud to announce our preview party at The Hideout Coffee House and Theatre (617 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701) on Sunday, February 24th, 2013.

This party will kick-start the collaboration between two local businesses, with Scissortail’s handmade mini pies scheduled to be sold at the coffee shop beginning this March.

The preview party is open to the public and partygoers will have a chance to vote on their favorite pie flavor and enter to win free pie and other prizes.  (Participants do not need to be present to win.)

We’ll have plenty of chocolate cream pie, Mediterranean quiche, and several other surprises for your sampling pleasure!

RSVP on Facebook.

See you there!


February Pie is a Valentine’s Day Delight – Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mini Pies

Ah, February. The month of love. Valentine’s Day is approaching with the velocity of a honey bee and the giddiness of a drunk butterfly. You want to do something special for your main squeeze, but the grocery store aisle leaves you uninspired. Why not do something a little different this year? Trade in that box of cellophane wrapped candy for a big box of handmade chocolate covered strawberry mini pies.

I think I’m in love.

Each hand-held delight has a crispy, buttery crust lined with rich chocolate ganache, topped with fresh strawberry mousse.

Contact me at info@scissortailsavoriesandsweets.com or 512-571-3507 for more info.

Here’s to a love-filled month of pie!


Limited Print T-Shirts are Here!

Scissortail fans, it’s an exciting day! Our very first t-shirts from UnderDog Screen Printing have arrived.

I have a very limited supply of  ladies v-neck and unisex crew neck. For $20, I will hand-deliver the shirt to you!

E-mail me at info@scissortailsavoriesandsweets.com or call me at 512-571-3507 to reserve your shirt. They’re gonna go fast!

<3 KJD


2013: Year of The Pie – Twelve Delicious Months of Pies and Celebration

That’s right, folks. I’m declaring 2013 Year Of The Pie. Why? Because I can! After all, pie already has its very own day, so why not give it an entire year?

How does one celebrate pie over the course of a year? For starters, Scissortail will feature a new pie creation every month of 2013. These perfectly periodical pies will be made of the best seasonal ingredients I can get my little hands on.

Since we’re well into January already, I shall take the liberty to make yet another bold declaration: the first featured pie of 2013 is…


Sausage, potato and kale pie! Or, January Pie.

It’s got savory. It’s got spice. It’s got that green in-season stuff that everyone says is good for you. It’s got a crispy, cheesy, potatoey top layer that just begs to be broken with your fork. I enjoyed a slice (or two) tonight with some homemade tomato fennel soup. See photo below!

So, what do you say? Join me in making 2013 Year Of The Pie. And keep an eye out for February pie. I bet you’ll fall in love (ahem).

January Pie – Sausage, Potato, and Kale

More savory pie options here.

A Year of Flying Free

Hi friends,

As I write this, I sit in my under-construction living room — full of extension cords, exposed electrical wire, power tools– in front of a too-tiny space heater, doing my best to stay warm. The house has a very long way to go, but the commercial kitchen is mostly done, save a few major installations. (See photo below!) I have stopped blindly declaring estimated deadlines for completion because… I just don’t know when it will all be done!

The past few months have been some of the most challenging months of my life, but also some of the most rewarding. While it is certainly easy to feel stressed and like nothing is going as quickly as it should, it is comforting to hear from other entrepreneurs that this is a normal phenomenon. This is part of it. I’m doing it!

And just when I needed that little bit of perspective, it occurred to me this week that I quit my day job only one year ago, on November 12, 2011. One year ago! 365 days ago! 52 weeks ago! That’s no time at all! And in that short period of time, I’ve learned (with an unbelievable amount of help) basic record keeping, accounting, website maintenance, how to use a jackhammer, how to not lose your mind while making a wedding cake, and, seriously, seven thousand other tiny bits of knowledge that now have a home in my brain.

And there is so much more to learn. So much. And I am so ready. But cool, calm, collected, and patient too, ya know? :) I’m keeping my eyes on the prize and taking it one day at a time.

Yours truly,

Karen Jane DeWitt

The Great Outdoors

To my sweet friends,

It’s time for your September update!

Just a few more big steps before the commercial kitchen is up and running! As with all construction projects, there have been surprises and delays along the way, and we’re working through them as they come.

On a personal note, you may find our current living situation interesting. A week ago, we moved into the 400 square foot kitchen space (don’t worry, I’m not baking in there!) and we are currently without indoor plumbing or gas. Soooo, we’ve been making the best of our glorified camping situation by taking plenty of outdoor showers and cooking dinner on the grill. Although it sounds pretty unpleasant, it’s certainly worth the sacrifice to see this construction project to the end. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be making yet another living transition into this beauty:

It’s a 1970 Airstream Ambassador. Pretty cool, huh? And just in time for the cool weather to roll in.

More updates to come!

Enjoy this lovely weather.

~Karen Jane