March Pie: Juicy Blackberry with a Grapefruit Twist

It’s a good thing 2013 is not a leap year because I don’t think I could have waited one more day to make this Year of the Pie announcement!

March pie is my take on a classic. It’s blackberry pie with a funky hint of grapefruit!

Both grapefruit and blackberries are so sweet and plentiful right now that I just had to take advantage of the season.

It’s typical for blackberry pie to have a little pop of lemon to really get those lips smacking, so I thought, ‘why not grapefruit?’ I tried it and the results were wonderful! The grapefruit adds the same citrus kick but with a sweet and subtle depth that only a ruby red can provide.

Then add a crispy, buttery crust and…. forget about it!

Have this juicy blackberry beauty delivered directly to your door by e-mailing me at or calling 512-571-3507.

Full-size pie: $25 each

Mini pies: $33 per dozen

***Don’t forget! Easter is on March 31st this year!***

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