Chocolate Cream Pie Wins!

Photo by Michael Yew

Pie lovers, you sure know how to party!

My sincerest thanks to all who came to the Pie Sampling and Preview Party last Sunday at the Hideout Coffee Shop and Theatre. With the help of a small army of fellow pie fanatics, I gave out nearly four hundred pie samples to a huge crowd of enthusiastic partygoers. Additionally, two lucky winners received a free pie and a Merlot Skin Care gift basket!

To supplement the feedback I typically receive (i.e. moans of ecstasy, eyes rolling into the backs of heads, involuntary expletives), I asked you all to vote on your favorite pie flavor. The votes have been tallied and the results are in! And what better way to show the data than in a nifty pie chart?

So there you have it! Chocolate Cream Pie wins by a landslide. It’s long been a customer favorite, and this Sunday’s party was no exception. Look for more mini pies at The Hideout Coffee Shop and Theatre, going on sale this March.

~ Karen Jane


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