2013: Year of The Pie – Twelve Delicious Months of Pies and Celebration

That’s right, folks. I’m declaring 2013 Year Of The Pie. Why? Because I can! After all, pie already has its very own day, so why not give it an entire year?

How does one celebrate pie over the course of a year? For starters, Scissortail will feature a new pie creation every month of 2013. These perfectly periodical pies will be made of the best seasonal ingredients I can get my little hands on.

Since we’re well into January already, I shall take the liberty to make yet another bold declaration: the first featured pie of 2013 is…


Sausage, potato and kale pie! Or, January Pie.

It’s got savory. It’s got spice. It’s got that green in-season stuff that everyone says is good for you. It’s got a crispy, cheesy, potatoey top layer that just begs to be broken with your fork. I enjoyed a slice (or two) tonight with some homemade tomato fennel soup. See photo below!

So, what do you say? Join me in making 2013 Year Of The Pie. And keep an eye out for February pie. I bet you’ll fall in love (ahem).

January Pie – Sausage, Potato, and Kale

More savory pie options here.

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