The Great Outdoors

To my sweet friends,

It’s time for your September update!

Just a few more big steps before the commercial kitchen is up and running! As with all construction projects, there have been surprises and delays along the way, and we’re working through them as they come.

On a personal note, you may find our current living situation interesting. A week ago, we moved into the 400 square foot kitchen space (don’t worry, I’m not baking in there!) and we are currently without indoor plumbing or gas. Soooo, we’ve been making the best of our glorified camping situation by taking plenty of outdoor showers and cooking dinner on the grill. Although it sounds pretty unpleasant, it’s certainly worth the sacrifice to see this construction project to the end. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be making yet another living transition into this beauty:

It’s a 1970 Airstream Ambassador. Pretty cool, huh? And just in time for the cool weather to roll in.

More updates to come!

Enjoy this lovely weather.

~Karen Jane